Silver Lake University

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Silver Lake University is a private school that was established by Dr. Emit J. Lilith in 1943. It started off as a small school that specialized in the more abstract mathematical studies that had to do with the existence of space-time and other sciences that lead to the advancements of our understanding of the world. The college took off after the addition of a Humanities department. As the school grew into one of the most respected private universities, all new programs remained connected to the idea of using the abstract to identify and relate to the definite. It was a firm belief of Dr. Lilith that the key to all knowing is knowing ourselves and which limits are only self imposed.

The School Motto: “Searching The Universe Within Ourselves”

The school had taken to the back burner until the death of a student in the Silver Lake University Law Library. The mysterious circumstances of the death, along with the alleged haunting of the 4th floor, the very one the body was found, led to a surge in applications. The school even opened up a Paranormal Investigation Course taught by Luis Alverez from the television show Paraphrase the Paranormal.

Still, with the buzz around the university, the mystery of the student’s death has still gone mostly unanswered.

Silver Lake University

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