Death at Silver Lake University

Taken from the Silver Lake Echo

Students are going back to classes today after the university was shut down for a week pending an investigation over the death of Mark A. Sturm, an English student here at the college.

“It was something like a horror movie,” said Jeremy White, Librarian at the Law School Library where Sturm was found. “His eyes were dripping blood and all he had around him were several pieces of paper and a pen on the ground.”

Mr. White said that Sturm had become engrossed in writing a new mystery novel called “The Reason I’m Alone” He had turned to White for advice and for a reading of what he had completed thus far.

“It was actually pretty crappy. For someone in Graduate school, especially.”

Mark Sturm was in the process of getting a Master’s Degree in English-Poetry. When asked, his fellow classmates said he kept to himself most of the time.

“We have no leads at this time.” Officer Josh Burk was the lead investigator on the case. “Once campus police had sectioned off the area, we found initial signs of what we thought was a homicide. The angle of wounds indicated a second party that we, after much investigation, cannot find any proof of ever existing.”

Officer Burk has ensured that the campus is indeed safe. Sweeps of the area around campus have been a constant part of the investigation and campus police have hired on new members just to keep up with the demand. They have been taking extra training just to deal with situations like this in the future.

“Once we pull out, we want to make sure that the same level of safety will be provided to these kids.”

What does Jeremy White thing happened?

“I think he killed himself. He never seemed all there and couldn’t take criticism. The world is harsh. It crushes some of us in the process. Better him than me.”

Death at Silver Lake University

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