*Elijah is hired by Gencon as a Security Specialist.


*Elijah’s son, Silas, is born.


*Elijah’s wife, Jessie, confronts a priest at a local perish

*Elijah is taken into custody for the murder of his wife. The case was high profile for a month, but as proceedings drug on it became back page news.

*Elijah takes a plea from Murder 1 to Manslaughter. He is sentenced to 15 years in prison.

*Upon entering jail, Elijah asked for an audience with the Warden. No one is quite sure about the conversation that went on during the conversation, but Elijah was promptly thrown into solitary confinement without a possible date for reintegration into the general inmate population.






*Elijah is released from jail on a year long probation.

*His computer is hacked by someone named Chill Bunny.

*Incident at Silver Lake University – acquired Foggy the Doggy
~First reference to the Fountain Pen of Maldova

*Elijah meets up with old friend, Robert Planter
~They start to investigate a case about a prostitute
~The Herald Order Make themselves known to Robert

*Elijah starts trying to contact Arnett Robins


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